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C.O.A. was born in the midst of labor unrest on March 7, 1959, as the purpose was to provide small operators a united voice to speak to state and federal government regarding problems facing the small independent coal industry. The goal of the group, as stated in the Articles of Incorporation, was "To promote the general welfare of the coal mining

The Association grew and in 1971 was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the current name. The 1970's were a decade of growth for C.O.A.. The Association, whose initial membership were primarily underground coal operators and tipple owners, was expanded to accommodate the growing surface mining industry. C.O.A. launched into the forefront of the battles that were being waged against coal by a new foe, the so-called environmental community.

C.O.A. continued to grow during the 1980's in both membership and accomplishments. Several large nationally-owned companies joined. Meanwhile, C.O.A. affiliated itself with groups who represent the interests of the mining industry such as the National Coal Association in order to provide a broader base of support for its members. A vital part of C.O.A.'s growth was the addition of Associate Members. These are businesses, which supply goods and/or services to the coal industry and have a primary interest in the welfare of coal.

Today, C.O.A. is a dynamic organization, which has gained regional, state and national identity for its continued efforts on behalf of its members.


C.O.A. is currently composed of nearly 200 full members who are engaged in the coal business. More than 90 businesses maintain Associate Membership. C.O.A.'s members represent surface and underground mining, coal preparation and transportation. We represent small companies, contractors, independents and subsidiaries of large, nationally owned corporations. This diversity provides C.O.A with a broad base of membership support and expertise. Our membership provides our various committees with ample participants from a variety of backgrounds, which serves to make the committee process a very deliberative one.

Our Associate Members play a vital role in the organization. They contribute personnel with expertise in various fields to serve on committees and are a continual source of information. Working together, C.O.A.'s membership equates to an well-organized team effort.

C.O.A. is an association, which has a place for everyone who is interested in the success of the coal industry. Our Board of Directors reflects our diversity with all facets of our membership represented.

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