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The Old Photo Page 2003

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May 2003
Here is an old advertisement in "The Consol Dealer" a publication from December 1944, provided by David A. Zegeer.


April 2003
Photo showing an underground auger machine being used in a mine operated by Consol near Jenkins, KY about 1953, provided by David A. Zegeer.


March 2003
Photo showing the Jenkins plant operated by Consol in Dunham, KY about 1950, provided by David A. Zegeer.


February 2003
Photo taken about 1921, shows a mine rescue team in front of the U.S. Coal & Coke Company Commissary, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel in Lynch, KY.


January 2003
Photo taken about 1920, shows locomotive and train between mine opening & tipple near Luzerne, KY.


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